Sunday, 21 May 2017

Week 3 Term 2   2017

Welcome to Narvah who has joined our class this week, and welcome back Quartez!

This week it was our turn to present at Assembly! 
We did a presentation about crossing the road safely around our school. 
We found lots of little danger spots so we talked about what we need to do to keep safe at school.

Here we are,waiting to do our presentation...

and after it was over.  Wheew!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Week 2 Term 2 2017

This week is Road Safety Week! The national focus is on speed but in Room 7 we are talking about how to cross the road safely. Next week we are going to act out what we are learning so we can share the message with the school at our assembly.

Here is what we have learned so far...

Stop, look and listen...
Before you cross the street.
Use your eyes... Use your ears...
Before you use your feet!

Week 1 Term 2 2017

Welcome back to term 2! We welcome Loena and Lily-Jade to Room 7.

Sophie went to Australia to see her nana in the holidays and she brought us back some little koalas . When we talked about koalas we realised that we actually didn't know much about hem so we did a mini inquiry around Koalas.
We answered a question: "Why do koalas not live on the ground!"

We had to use what we had learned to answer this question. We also learned how to make a picture response using collage. Mrs Finucane thinks we are very clever!

Koalas can’t live on the ground because their claws will get stuck in the dirt and predators can eat them.  By Jack

Koalas can’t go on the ground because a poisons dart frog could knock the koalas out and predators could eat them, and there isn’t any food down on the ground. By Connor

Koalas can’t live on the ground because dogs can eat them. The koalas and baby koalas too, but the tree is the safe place to be. Koalas sleep in the tree because there is food up there. By Oakley

Koalas live in trees so they can’t get eaten by dogs and other predators. The koalas eat in the trees. By Jacob
The koalas don’t like sleeping on the ground because they might get eaten, and the koalas like gum leaves and they eat gum leaves. They sleep for 20 hours each day and they sleep in the tree and the baby koalas climb on their backs.   By Rawinia

Koalas can’t live on the ground because they might get eaten by a dog that has been released from its pen. Koalas can’t live on the ground because when they sleep their backs might hurt too much. By Enzo

Koalas can’t go down on the ground because if they do go on the ground a wild dog will bite the koala. If the wild dog bites the koala it will hurt the koala. By Charlie
 The koalas can’t sleep on the ground because a predator could eat the koalas all up, and then there would be no koalas left. The koalas could get their sharp claws stuck on the ground, and they get their food from a tree. By Kayley

Koalas can’t live on the ground because there might be something poison that they will eat that can kill the baby koala. They can eat dirt sometimes. They can go on the ground for a little bit, to get to a different tree when all the leaves are gone. The baby will drink the bad milk. They sleep funny, on their tummy in a tree. By Sophie

Koalas sleep high in the trees and they sleep for 20 hours and that’s nearly then whole day. By Sahara-Lee

Koalas don’t live on the ground because they might get their claws stuck in the squishy dirt and the roots because they have very sharp claws. So that is why koalas live in the trees. But there is one more thing why koalas don’t live on the ground, because they might get eaten by a dog or other predators. If a koala is on the ground and its food is up in the tree, then they have to climb up the tree, or  they starve. By Xavier

Predators might eat koalas and their trees might fall down. By Weston

A predator could come and it would eat the koalas. It would die and a ranger would save the baby koala. Koalas lives in trees and they get the food up in the trees. By Blake

Koalas might get bitten by a snake then they might die from a poisons bite. Their venom is very strong so they will die from the venom. By Karez

The koalas live in the trees. They don’t live on the ground. The koalas go in trees to get food to eat. By Sarah

They can’t live on the ground because they will get their claws stuck in the dirt and a snake will get them. By Maxx
Koalas eat leaves. By Binn

The koalas are hydrated from the leaves and the rainwater. They live in the trees and not on the ground. By Lily-Jade

There are rocks that might cut them that is why koalas don’t live on the ground. Their food is at the top of the tree. Koalas eat gum leaves mostly. Sometimes they eat dirt to settle their tummys. By Maddison

The koalas can’t sleep on the ground because the predators could eat them. By Clair

Koalas live in trees because wild dogs eat koalas. Koalas like to sleep lots. By Jackson

The koalas can’t live on the ground because the predators will come to hurt the koalas so they climb up to the trees to stay safe. So now the predators can’t get up the tree and eat them. The koalas come from Australia and they sleep in trees and they eat gum leaves. By Riley

Koalas live in a tree. By Loena

Koalas can’t live on the ground because predators will get them. By Mereana

The koalas like to eat leaves and they want to go on their mother’s back. Why koalas don’t like to go on the ground, because the koalas like to sleep in the trees. They are not sleeping on the bed and they do not like live on the ground. By Tariqah

Koalas can’t go on the ground because the koalas live up in the trees. Koalas eat gum leaves up high in the trees. The koalas sleep up in the trees. By Emmie

They live in the tree with some gum leaves. The koalas goes into the tree to get some leaves, and baby koalas drink milk from their mums. By Ajay

The koalas can’t live on the ground because if it is a mother koala it will be really hard to get away from a predator or its claws might get stuck in the mud. It’s really hard if it gets stuck. If it sleeps on the ground it will get eaten. By Oceane

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Week 9 Term 1 2017

Decorated Cookies!

This week we had to get creative and we decorated cookies. Mrs Finucane had some pictures that we could use to get inspired but most of us chose to make our own designs. 

The first group had to get the coloured icing ready for all of us to use but after that we just got creative. Being creative can also mean getting messy! Afterwards we wrote down what we thought about the experience . We are going to publish our writing next week.

Week 8 Term 1 2017

The Great Spaghetti Debate! 
Which Spaghetti is Best...Mrs Finucane's Spaghetti or Mr Watties Spaghetti

Image result for watties spaghetti

This week we had to compare 2 types of Spaghetti and rate them. 

 After this we had to make a graph to help each person decide which spaghetti was best... Mrs Finucane's Spaghetti or Mr Watties Spaghetti.

Many of the children did not want to try Mrs Finucane's spaghetti at first...

but when they saw how good it was everyone had a try!

However, at the end 10 people liked Mrs F's best , 
2 thought both was good 
but 14 liked Mr Watties best! 

Maddison Liked Mrs F's ...Can you tell?
Week 7 Term 1 2017

This week we made Pancakes! We read the story about the pancake man and how he ran away from everyone, only to end up being eaten because he was too busy running!

Then we worked in groups to make pancakes. We had to put all the ingredients in and do the mixing before we cooked them.  At the end we were able to eat them .Yum!

Making Pancakes

 Tip one cup of flour into a bowl.

 Crack open one egg and tip in the yolk and the white.

Pour in some milk to make the batter.

 Mix all the ingredients together.

Add more milk and mix until the batter is pour-able.
Pour the batter into the pan. Be careful…it is hot!
                Watch for bubbles to form on the pancakes.

Now they are ready to flip. Cook until brown on both sides.

Now the best part…Lets eat!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Week 6 Term 1 2017

This week we had a celebration! We filled our bead jar and showed how we work as a team!
To celebrate we made "Frog in a Pond." 

 Tariqah made one especially for Mr Byers.It was the highlight of his day.

We decided that Celebrations often involve food. Sometimes we have to be part of the food preparation before we can celebrate. Here are some of the stories we wrote about our celebration...